Courage and Moral Leadership

The leader is the person who possesses a many qualities that can be hidden very deep inside. To be a leader means not only to be intelligent and study well. To be a leader means to have an ability to transmit knowledge to people, make their life better and create an atmosphere of respect to each other. A leader is a person who is followed by people due to their own desire. However, a leader is also a human-being and may experience fear, but he should have the courage to step forward them and be an example of strength. A leader should have a desire to seek justice and implement it within the society. He has to be able to distinguish right from wrong and be objective enough in decision-making. The qualities of a good leader are very important as he will implement them into the life of a whole nation. In the chapter Courage and Moral Leadership, we find information regarding the qualities of a real leader. He has to possess humanity, maintain concern for the better future, be honest and straightforward, fulfill commitment, strive for fairness and be responsible. Also it is crucial to show respect to other people, which means that a leader is not arrogant. Encouraging and helping others is a quality which illustrates the character of a leader. A great example of the leader we can trace dating back to the times of King George VI, who had problems with his speech. The study of rhetoric at that time was on the first stage. The problem of speech was rather acute because the nation believed in what he spoke, but he could not do it well. The fear of the person who was going to be a monarch of a big country was paralleled with the fear of a student who is going to speak in front of the audience. They feel the same emotions and are in similar situations. The emotions are the same, however, difference lies in the fact that the true leader cannot show his weakness. He has to manage his fear and show that for a strong person everything is possible. The problem of speech of the king is a major topic in history because speech affects enormous audiences. The imperial audience and his father, who has always emphasized that George needed the corrections, made a great impact on him. Being a king, therefore being a leader meant that a person should have overcome all of the problems and proves to the nation that he was worth ruling a country. The king George VI underwent a lot of difficulties until he started speaking in a proper way. All the members of his family considered that it was his own problem, and he would speak in such a way forever. After the king has visited his doctor, the other inference has been taken. The diagnosis was that the King could speak in the right manner – he just needed time and effort to do it. The advice of a specialist helped the king to hide his defects of speech. He advised him to turn hesitation in pauses. Success was achieved with the help of a self-taught Australian speech therapist, named Lionel Logue. The leader may make mistakes but it is the main task of being a leader to see and analyze the actions few steps ahead. King George VI considered his drawback to be the problem of his life. The other his problem was that on the first stages of his treatment, he could not manage anger when things went wrong. The doctor and the king were both people of very strict characters. However, the king was the person who had everything: strength, right to rule and the weapon to change the history, but was restricted because of his drawback, and sometimes he felt being humiliated by the pressure of the doctor. The doctor was the person who had his own methods of treatment and knew what he wanted. The king’s task was to pluck up the courage and strength and speak to his people. The feeling of mutual understanding and spiritual support appeared after a number of years they spent together working hard on the problem of the king’s stammer. The doctor became a close friend to each member of the family. These two strong men needed each other. The doctor restored the confidence of a king, and King conferred the doctor’s legitimacy. They made a great impact on the lives of each other. It took a lot of courage from the side of the King to accept help from the doctor and admit that he needed him. The King had to demonstrate his servant leadership in a difficult period of the life of the whole nation. He had to serve his nation and be a reliable support. Whenever we have the opportunity or responsibility to influence the thinking and the behavior of others, the first choice we are called to make is whether to see the moment through the eyes of self-interest or for the benefit of those we are leading. The primary responsibility of the leader is to serve people and before meeting his own needs. The study of the theme devoted to courage and moral leadership shows that these two issues correlate and they cannot exist without each other. It is natural for all the people to experience fears, but in leadership there is no right to be weak, and irresponsible. A leader has to be a servant to his nation, a person who will be followed and will never be forgotten.

Abby Taylor is entrepreneur and an academic writer at She likes to travel and describe the seen things on the paper.

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