Between breakups, how long is too long because I broke up with my boyfriend and it has been a whole year and now i dont feel like trying anymore. REPLY

Kaneisha February 9, 2010 at 12:33 am

@Chase: Hey, love! Are you saying you don’t feel like trying to have a relationship with someone new? Or you don’t feel like trying to wait for the ex? I definitely do not recommend waiting for the ex. Live your life, feed your passions, laugh with your girlfriends, be happy! If you are not up for dating new people right now, that’s fine. Focus on you. Funnily, men start coming out of the woodworks when you start focusing on cultivating your own happiness and interests instead of worrying about what they’re doing! Breakups are really hard, but time really does heal. Sometimes it does take a whole year. I hope I answered your question. Thanks so much for reading.

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