Specialists act as technical assets to support the sales team to meet their goals. They keep themselves abreast of new product, services, and technology offerings, apart from vertical solutions.Besides helping to fix the networking issues of clients, OEM Inside Product Specialists determine the requirements of a customer by participating in conference calls and suggest the relevant support and implementation solutions. They provide support by responding to the customer request for proposals (RFP) on technical content, and they showcase the worth of their organization’s solutions to them through Internet conferences or in person on-site.Specialists devise and present demonstrations to convince the clients to buy their networking products as per their needs. They manage estimation and pipeline for allotted accounts.Specialists take charge of pitching a specialized suite of products and services. During the sales process, they technically advise the inside sales teams.

Specialists are responsible for delivering technical products, solutions, and services that meet the requirements of clients of fluctuating complexity though telephones, emails or chats. If not, they work with subject matter expert to concentrate on a more complex solution.

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