Selena: I tend to agree that while it’s possible to get a positive result from having this talk, yeah, if he wants to be with other women NOW, why would he want to change?

hunter: Yes, we certainly are…

lovelife: I especially agree with the fact that you have to be prepared to walk — AND to really mean it. If you make that threat but don’t mean it, oh man are you in for problems.

I’m in the same situation. I’ve been dating a guy for 6 weeks. We’ve been sexually active, but initially with the agreement that we both could continue dating other people. I wanted us both to agree on no sex, but he keeps brining up the idea that having sex with other people is okay as long as we use protection with other people. I brought this up again to him today and he skirted my request to see me exclusively. I’m putting my foot down Sunday and if I don’t get the answer I deserve then he is getting his “walking papers.” I should have made this clear early on in the relationship.

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