Now-a -days software jobs are getting difficult for many students. First, we have to choose what course is suitable for me? .In the present market so many software courses are coming, some courses we will not hear also. All the Graduates and Post Graduates are coming to learn IT courses, but they don’t have proper knowledge on outside of IT courses. First, the student knows what I am, I can survive in Coding, Admin,Hardware, and Networking or  Designing areas like Web Designing or Graphic Designing.The Student joins in IT courses, after completion of half-of -the course he leaves the course and he will say I am not understanding. Because they are not aware of that course, that’s why the students are not surviving in IT Courses. The Students choose the best course in the market, and first enquires about that course, the course is programming,  Designing,  Admin or Networking. First, we have to check the syllabus and we must ask our previous batches how the course is good or not. We have to take suggestions and we must search for our course classes on Youtube, then we will get some ideas about that course. Then the student knows he can survive or not in that course.After choosing, the course we must  learn the subject properly and attend the classes regularly and practice the lab.

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