Jeff and Susan,

I’m about to pee my pants here. You guys are hysterical! We need to totally hang out. Well, except that we’re in 3 different places. Oh my. I am still crying over that one.

My problem is that when a man is not talking and just listening, I wonder what he’s thinking. For instance, when my soldier and I went out on our first date, he was very in tune with me. He asked lots of questions about me and listened very intently. When my facial expressions changed, he knew instantly that I was thinking something else. I was blown away. Afterwards, I wondered why he didn’t say much about himself and I felt like I talked too much. I didn’t trust that he was THAT into me. (As Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman, “Its a lot easier to believe the bad stuff.”)

I guess there’s a happy medium somewhere. I do agree with you that perhaps if a guy is interested in you, he will allow time for you to talk.

Also, Susan, it is perfectly natural for the other party to continue talking if you’re not saying much. No one likes an “uncomfortable silence.” Especially on a first date. I realize you don’t want to divulge much but perhaps finding a topic you don’t mind talking about will give him some insight as to how wonderful YOU are. Otherwise, he might feel embarrassed to contact you again because he said too much or dominated the conversation.

Hope this helps.

You guys should take your show on the road. Whew!












Me again,

I’m sorry, the HTML didn’t work. The book is called “I.M. Heart”, by Sue McDaniel. Check it out!

Mary :>)

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