Great post. The great thing about womanizers is that they actually notice YOU — not just the fact that you have tits and a vagina. Also, they don’t brag about all the “HOT PUSSY” they get. So even when you know said womanizer is just enjoying the game for one evening, you know that for that evening you are the focus of his attention. Which is 100% attractive. I think many women feel like the men around them don’t really look at them as individuals. (There are probably a fair number of men who feel the same way about the women around them.) I’ve knowingly gone out with a womanizer or two, knowing that I would be well-treated in the brief amount of time involved and wouldn’t be bothered by obsessive phone calls after the fact. Also that I wouldn’t be hearing about how he scored from any of idiotic friends of his.
Similarly, being a “Manizer” isn’t all bad. So go for it, Karmella. Flirting/sexual tension/mutual appreciation — it makes the world go ’round. You don’t have to become Samantha from Sex and the City, tagging every yoga instructor in sight. Unless you have the stamina and inclination, of course.  

8.	on October 16, 2009 at 10:15 am Timothy Bryce

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