I am in so much pain right now, anyone would think I’d been ridden through a month of Sundays. Yesterday, after a week of my dad and Shabba (not Shabba Ranks aka Mr Loverman but his white counterpart) painting and turning my home into a football den of inequity, the boyf and I spent 9 hours putting the flat into order. It was only afterwards, when I’d finished my dinner and wanted to go for a shower that I discovered that I was in severe pain. It’s not like I was doing heavy lifting but 9 hours of playing Miss Mop took its toll and it even hurts to lie down. Actually it hurts to bend, lie down, sit, stretch and even reach out and touch… The boyf insisted that I do stretching exercises but I couldn’t bring myself to do it so he had to take my legs and stretch them and bend them. It wasn’t sexy or pretty and there was a lot of strange noises. With that in mind, I’ve decided that:

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