Comments on other suggestions. Rabbi Boteach is a very wise man, but the 2 date rule… if it was horrible, it will be horrible. If it was OK, try again, but disastrously incompatible personalities will always be disastrously incompatible. We have other disagreements, but he’s a rabbi, and I’m a young man who isn’t exactly an observant or attendant member of any sect - these disagreements are to be expected. If you regularly attend some sort of service, or want to meet the sort of man who does, listen to the rabbi. If not, call me:D I think pearls are wonderful. I am however a yuppie/country club type (I’m a walking stereotype of someone who works in finance), so your mileage will vary. Any and all jewelry you wear will communicate a great deal about you - so make sure that it truly represents you. Your entire appearance will speak volumes, so make sure that it is true to who you are or that your date is aware if it’s unrepresentative for some reason (your house was just robbed, you’ve been dealing with a death in the family, you’re coming from work and your street clothes were somehow contaminated by a level 4 infectious disease so you are stuck in hospital clothes…). Actually, if you do have some disaster just before your date and things go well, you’re probably on the road to something serious. If things don’t go superlatively, you’ll probably want to try again given the disaster that preceded.

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