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1. Remember to be smiling really nicely when the nice man helps with the groceries. This is harder for women who have been single a very long time like I was BUT I had lived long enough to know that if a man sincerely wants to help LET HIM!!!!

3. In September I received a catalog in the mail where I absolutely loved the clothes. It is the first time in a while where I saw clothes that were for taller gals and actually had curves in the cut of the outfit. It was the first time I did any real shopping for clothes since I lost 1/3 of my former self 18 months ago.

7. I have to smile when I read very disheartening comments on these blogs posted by gals young enough to be my daughter. This is one reason I continue to post on them. I want to let gals know that if I can marry for the first time in my 50s they have a way better chance of marrying being younger. Absolutely keep it moving. I especially tell the younger gals that have known me for a while that you never know where the man is coming from. To say I am still in complete shock is a serious understatement.

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