When I was on E-Harmony I saw so many of these…what this is my friend is one of the thousands upon thousands of people who went into e-harmony - took the test - filled out a profile (very quickly) - because you have to before you can see your matches. And then - they ditch out without actually paying for the service. The problem is - E-Harmony keeps them in the system and leaves their matching on.

Try to communicate with him - bet you money he’s not a paying member. E-harmony sucks! Seriously. If they would just stop sending dead matches to people the site would be so much better. Let me know if I’m wrong…and check out my E-harmony reviews on my blog. - MsSingleMama?.com. I recommend sites where you can search men yourself, like or - at least you know they’re active.

Also there’s … a rival to Craigslist but you can check all of the profiles in your area for free and there’s which is completely free.

Good luck! There are some good matches on E-Harmony. If you live in a big city you should have better luck. Keep us posted!!

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