Obey THIS! (snarl)…no, we didn’t use that archaic phrase in our vows…and 35 years later we’re still smooshing cake in the face (verbally and with restraint, but not actually). Yeah, I agree that vows should actually mean something and have at least the semblance of coming from educated, caring people. Vowing to be attentive, honest, strong, thoughtful, supportive, revealing, considerate, sharing, cognisant, non-combative, centered and present…now those are the kind of vows I’d like to exchange. And pancakes and blowjobs, of course. And some diamonds would happen.

I recall my wife being somewhat critical of me not long ago and she let it slip that I “let her do anything she wanted to..” and I’m not sure I recall the context in which she used the phrase…but I made a mental note to deny her more so she’d appreciate me more when I allowed. Its complicated.

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