In case you’ve heard about IEPF but don’t know what it actually means, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you understand it better. First of all, IEPF stands for Investor Education and Protection Fund. Let’s cover all aspects of this fund one by one.

As mentioned before, IEPF stands for Investor Education and Protection Fund. In simpler words, it’s a fund set up under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to help promote investor awareness and protection of investor interests.

In order to fund the IEPF, unclaimed dividend, refunded application money, matured company deposits and debentures, as well as the interest on them, is used, provided it is not claimed within seven years. To decide what proportion of the money gets utilised where the IEPF is monitored by a trust.

The trust has been given the authority under subsection 4 to spend money out of the IEPF. The Registrar of Companies furnishes receipts and also reconciles them with the amount remitted and collected from the concerned account officer. The MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) maintains a consolidated abstract of all these receipts.

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