Many of us make New Year’s resolutions. Do you? This coming year, I resolve to stop picking fights with Chris. It’s usually about little things, and almost always when I’m exhausted (Hello, mom of a toddler!). But still. Sometimes it’s not nice. So, there you have it. I’m going to do my best to be more mindful before I react.

That’s not to say that Chris and I haven’t gotten into it over BIG things. Like how to co-parent. So, when you’re arguing about a big issue, how do you resolve it?

I’m honored to feature one of my favorite blended family bloggers: Crystal, who’s talking about exactly this. Crystal calls herself Ewokmama because she grew up in the 80s and adores the ewoks from Star Wars. Two years into her remarriage to David (pictured below), she found out that her son Jack, who was five at the time, had leukemia. “Cancer completely changed our lives in every way.”

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