The celebrities that made the greatest, splashiest crossovers against racial stereotypes generally worked to fit into the other guy's neighborhood. Bill Cosby, Jackie Robinson, Denzel Washington, Sidney Poitier, Buddy Holly, Ira Hayes are a few of those that come to mind in a few moments tonight. I recall a fellow student in ET class 'A' school in Great Lakes, IL, USA, during lunch break. My barracks door was open as the guy walked past, he said something about, "They are so prejudiced." What I knew was this black guy and three others (non-Black) had joined our class mid-term, after flunking out of another school. All four were arrogant and intent on avoiding work. With their different school experience they didn't fit in, with their failure background they lacked the consistent progress of the rest of the class. Only one man in our class of about 12 I guess, felt that the result was racial bigotry. But that was one instance, and I wasn't close enough to him to know if he had cause to complain or not. In the Navy you just complain, no reason is really needed, for anyone. Go Navy!

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