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Then there's the clothes he leaves. Again a reason - I have a washer/dryer which is easy and free. Whereas his place requires lots of quarters and a schlep up and down stars, around the corner, etc. So now our laundry gets mixed.

And let's not forget about the toothbrushes! Why he needs so many, I have no clue. But I now have more brushes at my place than I do holes in my toothbrush holder.

I don't mind. I like having his presence here even when he's not. The problem is I have no room for his belongings. My place is so small and every nook is filled, so it all sits out in a temporary eyesore of a pile. Every time he leaves, I'm always shoving his arms full of stuff to take home. I'm sure he feels like I'm kicking him out. But I'm just trying to keep the place livable.

What it feels like now is just one big temporary housing situation. I do not do well with words like temporary, unstable, uncertain - especially when it comes to my love life. Stuff is constantly being packed, unpacked, piled up, shuttled back and forth in cars. It just seems, well, inefficient and jumbled. Hardly a reason to make such a big leap, I know. Honestly, I love living alone and the thought of having a co-habitation situation (no matter how much love we're in) scares me.

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