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should have at least some experience with limited mobility, especially in a wheelchair. I can't begin to tell you how your perspective changes when someone is wheeling you through the world and all you see are people's waists and legs and potential obstacles coming your way. When people do make eye contact with you, it's usually with a tinge of pity and a shy smile. I don't get upset because, well, I did the same thing not too long ago.

I will never see the world the same since I began taking wheelchair outings with Wine Guy and other generous friends willing to push me around for an afternoon so I could get out of the house. You have to rethink everything - where you sit in a restaurant, going to the bathroom, trying on clothes, shopping in general, opening doors, elevator locations - a major pain!

But the weirdest experience of all came last Monday when my friend Big A took me to the mall. I normally f*$king hate the mall but it was the only "activity" I could think up for us with the wheelchair since it was raining that day. It ended up being a perfect choice because the aspect of malls I can't stand (namely the people who frequent them) were literally above me, while I got to slink through on wheels down below. Luckily my friend has a 2 year old and is quite accustomed to pushing a person around all day so she wasn't too inconvienicned either. Which leads me to the craziest part of the day - being at eye level with the little kids being pushed around in strollers. Every time I would come upon one, their eyes would bug out at me in surprise, as if to say, "What are YOU doing down here? You're a grown up?!" I would respond with a goofy face, just to freak them out a little more. Just another secret world I have been let into during this thankfully temporary handicapped phase of mine.

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