Ross is a Virgo and at times this shows through in his predilection for detail. However, he's well aware of the dangers of detail-saturation. As he recommends purchasing various tape sets , one guy puts up his hand and asks 'Do we use these tapes in any particular order and can we listen to them at the same time'. I laughed so stridently that despite being stuck up his own arse, the guy must have heard me loud and clear.

Ross answered by asking him what he did for a living. I wasn't surprised to discover our friend was an IT troubleshooter - a job that requires a fully data-driven anal-ytical mind. A successful speed seducer has to balance the need to know every bit of detail with the ability to let go and trust in the process. I sense that the more data driven and detail-oriented you are, the more you're going to have to work on your flow and ability to go with it.

Ross does make the important distinction between just teaching language patterns and teaching HOW they work. The challenge is to reach that happy middle ground between delivering so much information that the student becomes a walking robotic notebook and so little that they end up wandering around in a hypnotic trance unaware of what they are doing and how it works.

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