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We’re glad we could help. Taking this class is a great first step. In fact, an easy way to approach someone is to see if they want to study for upcoming exams, or work on an upcoming project together. Also, when is the class? Sometimes people go out after class for coffee, drinks (if you’re of age of course), or some other activity. That’s a good place to start. Taking other classes—if it works for you—is also a good idea. The more you expand your activities, the more likely friendships will follow. Have you tried: meetup.com ?? We’ve heard a lot of people rave about it. It’s not a dating site—although people certainly meet there to date. It’s more a place where they have activities for people to enjoy, and at the same time meet new people. The good thing about it is, everyone is there for the same reason: to meet people. So everyone feels a little shy, and in turn, everyone feels a little bit more motivated to reach out and talk to people. We’ve heard that people are receptive to others coming up to talk with them. Check it out. If we come up with other thoughts we’ll let you know. Last thought: High school is its own little world, with its own little rules, groups, etc. The rest of your life has nothing to do with high school; and the more you’re out in the world the more you’ll see that. So chin up, and take some risks. Sure, rejection is part of risk taking, but you’ll get used to that. (We’ve been rejected hundreds of times for various things. It’s not as bad as you think.) So can we ask a question? Why are you so shy? What does it stem from? If it’s an ongoing issue it could be worth talking to someone about it. No shame in trying to get to the bottom of your issue. More and more people are talking with therapists/counselors for insight. Thoughts?

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