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Cougars on the loose! It is fairly common to find a guy and a gal together where the guy is older than the gal. In most circles of my life while growing up, it was even preferred. Here in the states I'm going to guess up to 5 years difference in age is the norm, but 10 years not being all that uncommon. Anything above 10 years and we're going to start seeing some frowns.

On my many excertions to South East Asia, I've found that the age difference between men and woman in relationships (Men being much older) is quite accepted and normal. I guess it just depends on cultural factors.

Older woman, as might be expected, are not as sought after by younger men. It probably has to do with men wanting children from younger woman, as well as the natural way that men are visual about woman. I'm sure that a Psychologist could sharpen the reasons better than me. Maybe older woman feel that there is no hope for them to find a solid loving relationship? Well, I have never believed that and it seems that I was right because now we have a new reality show called:


More information about the new show can be found here.

Like all reality shows, Cougars will probably be exaggerated in any way that will bring in the dollars, but maybe the time has come for mature woman to get the attention they deserve? I hope so as they have quite a bit to offer a partner.

I don't think they could have made a reality show like cougars unless they felt there was a demand for it. I think our culture here in the states has been changing a bit. I believe there is more interest in older woman/younger men relationships, especially by young men.

Whatever changes are coming in our culture that relate to cougars relationships, I'm one who welcomes it as a long time coming. Let's see if the show can open some eyes that may have been shut a bit too tight in the past!

So, is a rise in older woman/younger men relationships a good thing, or are there negative ramifications to our society?

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